Jay Hill . . . Gravity Ltd.
Hi there and welcome!

Everything I do is about mindfulness. For me the beautiful thing about art is it’s capacity to bring us into the present moment. When I go to a gallery or a museum and spend time looking in depth at a painting, I find that I have a quiet focus and all of the normal inner chatter and daydreaming are no longer there. I love it when a piece of art brings a smile to my face.

I'm doing a three month residency at IMVU headquarters in Mountain View CA, April through June.

In late June I'll have paintings at "Pancakes & Booze" at 111 Minna Gallery in SF.

Showing "Sympathetic Vibrations" at the Emerald Art Gallery in Springfield OR currently.

I have a solo show, "Fellaheen", happening in January 2015 at Merced College Art Gallery.